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I’m Maurizio Scilla, “Mau” for my friends, I was born in Biella in 1961, I’ve always loved the mountains and I’m vegetarian since I was 22 years old. After several years of road running and a few years of climbing, I passed to the trails, I made my debut in 1995 in the legendary “6000D”. I was an athlete of “Lafuma Team” from 2006 to 2013 and as teammates I had Karine Herry, Corinne Favre, Virginie Govignon and Nathalie Mauclair. I shared my passion with champions such as Antoine Guillon, Jerome Challier, Julien Jorro, Renaud Rouanet, Herve Giraud-Sauveur, Pascal Blanc, Lionel Trivel, Damien Trivel, Patrick Bohard, François Faivre, Quentin Stephan, “trail running” phenomenons. For many years I mostly competed in France, where I found a great ambience and I took some satisfaction. In recent years the races in Italy are increased and so I got to know many places previously unknown and I share my passion with a lot of friends.
I’ve been Lafuma Italia Team Manager & Spirito Trail Team and I’ve been part of Alpstation Trail Team. 

Guadarun 2014

Guadarun 2014


Olympics Games Turin 2006

I had the honor of being one of Turin Olympics Games torchbearers, a really touching  moment that I shared with my daughter Arianna.

I’m a member of “Spirit Trail” editorial staff, the first italian magazine entirely dedicated to trail running.

I’ve been organizing since 2006 Trail Monte Casto and I’ve organized with my friends Nico Valsesia and Marco Abba Red Bull K3 /BEI K3 and  Vialatteatrail.

“When I discovered the trail, I immediately understood that it would have been the sport of my life because it provides an absolute contact with nature; for me the paths have a special charm because they are often tracked only by the passage of generations of “Montagnards” who accompanied the animals to pasture. It’s enough to put my feet on a few raw materials (rocks, roots, earth) of a path to feel at home immediately. Practicing the trail I have always felt an impression of freedom because the continuous pushing yourself beyond characterizes it and it has given me more confidence and peace of mind even in my daily life.  In ultra-trail these aspects are emphasized even more and we also learn a lesson in humility: we must respect the mountain, never forget that we are guests. Besides the long hours I spend in solitude, I’ve cemented my symbiosis with nature and I’ve completed my choice of vegetarian life. The trail rather than make me lonely, it has allowed me to meet many lovers of nature: I can really say that I have discovered a real big family”.

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