29 OCTOBER 2023   44 Km 2050 m D+ – 20 km 850 m D+


The race is UTMB Qualifier: 50 K (44 km) and 20 K (20 km).
The result of the race will be valid to update the I.T.R.A. points of the athlete.
I.T.R.A. points race: 44 km 2 points – 20 km 1 point
The race is part of : Piemontrail Challenge


All athletes over 20 years old (44 km) and 18 years old (20 km) can register in possession of a sports medical certificate for competitive activity (valid for athletics) with a deadline not earlier than October 29, 2023.
Based on the provisions of the “Rules for the organization of events” issued by FIDAL, athletes in possession of one of the following requirements can participate:

• Italian and foreign athletes registered with FIDAL for the 2023 season

• Italian and foreign athletes registered for EPS (Athletics section) affiliated with FIDAL for the 2023 season, with the obligation to upload the certificate on the site: within 7 days from the date of enrollment (last day available to upload the certificate Saturday 21 October 2023).
For non-resident foreign athletes: Download the medical certificate form here.
The certificate signed by the doctor must be uploaded to the website:

• Italian and foreign athletes in possession of Runcard Fidal or Mountain and Trail Runcard with the obligation to upload the certificate on the site: within 7 days from the date of registration (last day available to upload the certified on Saturday 21 October 2023).
For non-resident foreign athletes: Download the medical certificate form here.
The certificate signed by the doctor must be uploaded to the website:

• Foreign athletes registered for WA affiliated federations

• Non-members must purchase the FIDAL RunCard or Mountrail and Trail Card independently before proceeding with registration.

To register, you must:
– be aware of the length and characteristics of the race
– be perfectly trained to cope
– have acquired, before the race, a real capacity for personal autonomy in the mountains to better manage problems caused by adverse weather conditions (wind, fog, rain, cold, snow)
– to know how to handle physical or mental problems caused by fatigue, digestive problems, muscle pain, small wounds, etc.

Registrations will open on 1 July 2022 and will close with a maximum of total competitors or October 21, 2023.
44 kms 28 € until 30 September, from 1st to 21 October  36 €
20 kms 22 € until 30 September, from 1st to 21 October  30 €
Max 800 participants.
The registration fees include all the services described in the present regulations, a t shirt product, the pasta party after the race.
It will be possible to register on the following page:
In case of no participation, registration fees will not be refunded.
In case of cancellation of the race due to force majeure, up to 15 days before the event, the Organization reserves the right to refund a percentage equal to 50% of the registration fee paid. This percentage is justified by the multiple expenses that the Organization has already made and which it cannot recover.
In the event of interruption or cancellation of the race for atmospheric reasons, or for any other reason independent of the Organization, no refund will be due to the participants.


The race number and race pack distribution shall take place at  Football Playground, 120, via Levera 54 in Andorno Micca
Saturday 28 October 2023
From 3.30 p.m. to 6 p.m. 44 Kms e 20 Kms
Sunday 29 October 2023:
From 5.30 a.m. to 6.30 a.m. 44 kms
From 7.30 a.m. to  8.30 a.m. 20 kms


The athletes have to register the microchip  at Wedosport gazebo at latest:
– 6.45 a.m. for 44 kms (start 7.00 a.m.)
– 8.45 a.m. for 20 kms (start 9.00 a.m.)


Volunteers will be present on the race route , the staff of the Alpine Rescue, always in contact with the start / finish area. At the finish line there will be an ambulance. Along the route compulsory checks of equipment will be made.
Ability to orient and to manage in the mountains are required, also with bad weather conditions.
On the course will be present volunteers of the organization, the staff of the Civil Protection and the Alpine Rescue, an ambulance and a doctor – area of ​​departure / arrival and an ambulance in Bocchetto Sessera, in permanent contact with the base. Checkpoints will be set up along the course, where people from the organization will monitor the athletes’ passage. Before departure and at the finish line will be carried out controls on the mandatory equipment, which will be surprised without it will be sanctioned. It is necessary to orient and know how to manage in mountain, even in case of bad weather.
The injured athlete or in difficulty may ask for help:
– go to an official checkpoint
– call the number of the organization (written on the bib number)
– ask another athlete to warn the rescuers.
It is obligatory to provide assistance to all persons in difficulty, if necessary, to notify the rescuers.If a competitor has lost time to save another competitor injured or in difficulty, he may request a reduction of the official time by the competition jury.
If there are requests for assistance in adverse weather conditions, the helicopter rescue may not be able to fly and certain portions of the route may be reached by foot at least 45 minutes later. The costs incurred by the use of emergency vehicles are the responsibility of the rescued person, as well as his return from the place where he was hospitalized. It is advisable to subscribe an insurance policy covering, above all, rescue and recovery costs by helicopter. In case of abandonment of the race along the route, the competitor is obliged, as soon as he can, to go to the nearest control point, communicate his abandonment by registering, communicate it via WhatsApp to the organization (+39 3398534127) and give the bib number. . In case of absence of communication of an abandonment and the beginning of the research of the runner, the possible costs will be charged to the athlete himself. The conditions can be very difficult (wind, cold, fog, rain or snow), the temperature can vary from + 20 degrees to -5 degrees. It is therefore essential to have a good physical preparation, a good training, a real capacity of personal autonomy, a knowledge of the mountain and a maximum prudence. It is strongly recommended to have already taken part in other trails before this race.


44 kms: 10 men  and 7 women
20 kms: 5 men and 3 women


For all athletes (44 kms et 20 kms)
It’s obligatory:
Race bib number visible
Wind cheater (anorak)
Drinking cup (only 44 kms)
At least 500 ml of liquid (only 44 kms)
Whistle (only 44 kms)
Survival blanket (only 44 kms)
Mobile phone with organization number registered +393398534127
Energy food (only 44 kms)
In case of bad weather it will be obligatory Gore-Tex or similar jacket  & capri pants
Athletes will be notified of the the compulsory equipment’s change at the time of bibs number collect and with advertising on the place of departure.
No drinking cups will be available at the refreshment areas to reduce wastes.
It is forbidden to drink from the bottles at the refreshment points.
Poles allowed


The maximum time to reach the finish line is :
44 kms  8 hours    20 kms  4 hours
There shall be four time limit/cut off points for 44 kms:
Selle di Pratetto (kms 7,6 max time 1h25’) Bocchetto Sessera (kms 14,6 max time 2h40′),
Bocchetto Sessera (kms 29,7 max time 5h15′), Locato  (kms 38 max time 6h45′).


44 kms: Bocchetto Sessera (14,6 kms), Rifugio Piana del Ponte (22 kms), Bocchetto Sessera (29,7 kms), Selle di Pratetto (32,5 kms), Locato Sup. (38 kms).
20 kms: Selle di Pratetto (7,6kms), Locato Sup. (13,2 kms).
Abandoning rubbish along the race route: disqualification


Abandoning rubbish along the race route  disqualification
Leaving a check point after the time limit disqualification
Taking shortcuts more than 1 km disqualification
Failing to pass a check point disqualification
Refusing to allow checks of the obligatory material disqualification
Absence of security material:wind cheater, survival blanket disqualification
Using transport during the race disqualification
Insulting or threatening the staff or volunteers disqualification
Failing to aid a participant in difficulty disqualification
Taking shortcuts more than 1 km penalty : 1 hour
Absence of other obligatory material penalty : 15’
Bib number not visible penalty : 15’


Never throw away anything on the ground
Respect the flora and fauna
Don’t cut out the route, because this causes a damaging erosion of the site
Prefer, for himself and his companions, the use of public transport or car pooling
The trailer that will be surprised to throw away trash along the route will be disqualified.


In case of significant weather events, the organization reserves the right to make last-minute route changes to remove any risks or conditions of serious difficulties for the participants. Any changes will be communicated to participants and reported by the volunteers.


On the registration, the competitors authorize the organization to freely use of any images depicting athletes during their participation, whether stationary or in movement, without territorial or time limits.


Voluntary registration and subsequent participation at the race indicate full acceptance of the race rules and any changes that they may have to undergo. By registering, the participant exempts the organizers from any liability, whether civil or criminal, for damage to persons and/or property caused by or to him/her.


The timing service will be performed by Wedosport.