Every year the Trail Monte Casto has the best athletes at national level at the start, so it is a unique opportunity to see the top athletes in action. The route crosses the road several times so it is possible for everyone to follow along! Let’s see what the highlights are and how to get there: SELLE DI PRATETTO 7.5 km from the start (20 km/44 km) 32 km (44 km) How to get there: from the start continue towards the upper valley, about 500 m later turn right and follow for Tavigliano. Continue uphill on the main street of Tavigliano, at the end of the village there is a signpost for Pratetto. Continue for a few km on the only fairly narrow tarmac road, when you see a sign on the right indicating Cascina Strona, leave the main road and go up to the car park, you are at Selle di Pratetto (refreshment) BOCCHETTO SESSERA 14 km from the start (44 km) 30 km from the start (44 km) How to get there: from Andorno continue along the main road of Valle Cervo, passing Sagliano, Balma, Campiglia. A few km after the village, there is a sign on the right for Bielmonte, follow the road to Bocchetto Sessera, tot 19 km (refreshment stop). The autumn colours will be simply spectacular and the view will sweep over the Biellese and Alta Val Sessera. LOCATO 38 km from the start (44 km) 13 km from the start (20 km) How to get there: from the start area go down towards Biella, pass two traffic lights and at the following crossroads turn left towards Selve Marcone/Camandona/Callabiana). Continue uphill to Locato, shortly afterwards cross the race route (refreshments) ANDORNO MICCA Departures: 7 a.m. (44 km) 9 a.m. (20 km) Arrivals: from 10.25 a.m. 20 km and from 10.35 a.m. 44 km